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Why this Library?

aws_stepfunction provides AWS StepFunction developer a “smooth”, “interruption free”, “enjoyable” development experience.

If your mind set matches most of the following, aws_stepfunction is the right tool for you:

  • I love the AWS StepFunction Visual Editor

  • I love Python

  • I don’t want to spent much time learning the Amazon State Machine JSON DSL (Domain Specific Language)

  • I can’t memorize the code syntax

  • I respect code readability and maintainability

Talk is cheap, show me the code

The following code snippet is an equivalent of the below Workflow in the Visual Editor

import aws_stepfunction as sfn
from boto_session_manager import BotoSesManager

# Declare a workflow object
workflow = sfn.Workflow(comment="The power of aws_stepfunction library!")

# Define some tasks and states
task_invoke_lambda = sfn.actions.lambda_invoke(func_name="stepfunction_quick_start")
succeed = sfn.Succeed()
fail = sfn.Fail()

# Orchestrate the Workflow
        (  # define condition
        (  # define condition

# Declare an instance of State Machine
state_machine = sfn.StateMachine(

# Deploy state machine
bsm = BotoSesManager(profile_name="my_aws_profile", region_name="us-east-1")

# Execute state machine with custom payload
state_machine.execute(bsm, payload={"name": "alice"})

# delete step function

You mentioned “Smooth Development Experiment”?

I guess “a picture is worth a thousand words”:


aws_stepfunction is released on PyPI, so all you need is:

$ pip install aws_stepfunction

To upgrade to latest version:

$ pip install --upgrade aws_stepfunction

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